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Trellus connects commercial real estate investors with lenders.
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Our extensive database of lenders ensures that you always find the right lender for your next deal. Browse and compare terms for all of the lenders in your market.

Our streamlined process helps you apply to multiple lenders with a single loan application. Hear back from lenders within hours rather than days.

Whether you’re borrowing or lending,
we can connect you with an expert in your market.

Finance a property

Whether you’re looking to finance an acquisition or refinance an existing property, our network of lenders can help you navigate your borrowing needs.

Meet new clients

Increase your digital presence and generate new leads. Trellus helps you showcase past deals and meet investors who fit your deal criteria.

Gain market intelligence

Get insight into the latest trends in your market. See what other lenders and investors are working on across a range of asset types and deal sizes.

As a Borrower you can...

1. Find lenders specializing in your deal type
2. Quickly apply to multiple lenders
3. Get loan quotes within a matter of days, not weeks

Easily find lenders that suit your needs.

As a Lender you can...

1. Establish a strong online presence differentiated from the competition
2. Generate new borrower leads meeting your deal criteria
3. Track, pre-qualify, and prioritize borrower leads

Browse Lenders. Compare Terms. Do Deals.

Some lenders on our platform

Finding your Ideal Lender in the SF Bay Area is Easier than Ever

Real estate investors are faced with many options when it comes to debt financing in the San Francisco Bay Area. At a glance, this can be good, as it suggests that investors face fewer barriers to investment. But, with the market comprised of various types of lenders ranging from banks to private commercial real estate lenders, this landscape can quickly become overwhelming. Trellus helps investors simplify the mortgage financing process by providing access to a database of real estate lenders that meet their criteria. Through our online platform, an investor can easily find the right lender for a business loan or commercial loan for rental property investments. Backed by information about lenders’ backgrounds, asset types, and rates, these online profiles provide investors with exactly what they needto make the right financing decisions. So, whether you’re on the hunt for office, retail, industrial or multifamily loans, your ideal lender is on Trellus.

Connecting Investors and Lenders in Denver

There’s only so much information you can get through word-of-mouth, Internet searches, and networking events. The truth is, investors and lenders in Denver are either limited by the inability to compare prospects (due to an overwhelming number of them), or by how difficult it is to find suitable professionals to form relationships with. Trellus cuts through the challenges of being an investor or lender. Whether you are seeking a commercial loan for investment property, or you are a lender looking to meet new clients and build relationships, Trellus links you to the people you are looking for. If you’re an investor, you can use the platform to find retail, industrial, office, or multifamily lendingoptions. If you’re a lender, you can use the platform to generate leads and increase your reach. Whether you finance multifamily, hospitality or office property, you’ll be able to find the right connections here.

Austin Lenders at Your Fingertips

Real estate investment comes with its own unique set of challenges. From market volatility to property selection, there’s plenty to worry about when you’re an investor. Finding and comparing lenders shouldn’t be another one of those problems. That’s why Trellus is designed to present you with options that best fit your criteria. While an online search for ‘real estate lender near me’ may be a starting point, it’s not as fruitful as it sounds. Limited and outdated information, plusan overwhelming number of page results, can make it difficult to compare prospective lenders. With Trellus, all the relevant information is in one place, and it completely matches your requirements. This makes it simpler to findreal estate investment lenders who offer private real estate loansthat fit your needs. From rates to specific asset types, our platform provides you with all the details to start building those mutually beneficial business relationships.

Trellus is the digital main street for America’s commercial real estate lenders.





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